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Forgotten Seas

About the Team


Captain Apollo

Lt. Maya

Captain Nyx

We are a small Indie Family Dev Team featuring our game Forgotten Seas - an open sea survival game based on the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

We are a family of gamers! Our project "Forgotten Seas" is a game created by Gamers, for Gamers! We love Survival, Base Building, and Action-Adventure.  We have a "Content First" approach to development. We aim to create content-rich and in-depth gaming experiences that transport players to uncharted worlds and ignite their imagination!

About the Game

Craft a 'Ship in a Bottle' and set sail! You are lost in a Bermuda Triangle void. Land is scarce, and the ocean is treacherous. Dread Pirates rule the seas. Experience a survival adventure filled with sailing, plundering, base-building, crafting, treasure hunting, trading, and Pirate Ship combat.

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